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Genibo-SD Robotic Dog

Genibo-SD Robotic Dog
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Price: $1,949.99
Weight: Free Shipping
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Earlier in 2006, SONY announced that they will stop manufacturing and selling their AIBO robot dog. Don't be disappointed, Robot hobbyists! Dasarobot, a robotics maker in Korea is now trying to fill this void with the introduction of a similar robot, the Genibo robot dog.

The robot can understand up to 100 speech commands and interact with other Genibo robots.
It is like a real pet. It needs to eat, exercise and grow with your interaction. The more you interact with Genibo, the more it learns.It acts and reacts Autonomously or via Remote Control.
Manufacturing per order - Order Now and get in in 2 weeks!. The model is available in White, Black, Blue and Pink.

Artificial Intelligence
The Genibo can act freely and react without command. It can identify itself and respond to its surroundings using its sensors, camera and voice commands. The Genibo diagram is shown below: Genibo
• It also expresses love and charming acts towards the owner just like a real dog.
• It can also share these "feelings" with it’s user through it’s responses. For instance, for self reaction function, it uses built-in tilt sensor that recognizes the position and gets up on its own even when it falls to the side.
• The dog also recognizes commands when it is instructed to do something after touching his head. It can also photograph or transmit images real-time using the control manager.
Genibo Control Manager
The Genibo Control Manager is a program installed on PC designed for the user to control all the Genibo’s functions using wireless LAN. The Control Manager allows the user to create motions and sounds, add them to the Genibo’s action list, and custom design the list as the user desires. You can even control LED in the eyes and add on new voice commands and emotion icons into the robot.
• Size : 7.60" x 12.9" x 10.9" - W x L x H
• Weight : 2.43 Lbs (1.1kg)
• Processor : 32bit 350Mhz RISC Processor
• Motors : DC servo [15 Joints]
• Battery : 7.4V, 2200mAh
• Charge Time : Approximately 150 minutes
• Run Time : Approximately 90 minutes (battery charge time and run time may vary depending on term of use and conditions)
• Built-in Sensors : Camera, Distance Sensor, Microphone
• Touch sensor : 1 on the head, 1 on the nose, 4 on the back, 2 on the flank (left and right)
• Inclinometer sensor : 2 axis sensor
• Floor detection sensor : Push Button
• Distance Measurement sensor : PSD recognition distance 10~80cm
• Voice recognition 100 words
• Display : Back Touch LED, 3 Color Eye LED
• Color: Black, White, Pink, Blue
• Age Rating: 8 years and over, prohibited from 3 years old and under.
• Genibo-SD Robot Dog
• Remote control
• Control Manager Software
• Wireless Router
• Wireless Router Adapter
• Wireless Router Cable
• Wireless router Install Guide
• Control Manager User Manual Control
• Documentation and Owner’s Guide
• One-year manufacturer’s warranty
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